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Here at Stones Restaurants we specialise in mouth-watering steak and seafood meals that you cook to perfection on searing hot stones right at the dinner table.

Best of all, because you cook your meal - using the freshest premium quality ingredients - you can be certain that it is cooked exactly the way you like it every single time.

So what is Hot Stone Cooking?

Hot Stone Cooking is the act of cooking your meal on a 300 degree hot stone. It's about 20 cm squared, and it is a natural, diet-friendly method of cooking.

Our stones are heated in a 350 degree oven for up to 5 hours, and once they reach your table will hold their heat for about an hour, so you will be able to cook your steak and seafood meal exactly as you like it.

Based on the Ancient Mongolian method of cooking on hot stones, our hot stones are designed to perfectly cook modern Australian cuisine.

So why should I go to a restaurant where I cook my own meal?

It's certainly a fair question; and it's one that only you can answer.

What we can say though is this: once you have experienced hot stone cooking you will be telling your friends for a long time to come. But a meal at Stones Restaurants is more than just an experience - it's a delicious feed that is cooked with high quality ingredients that is only augmented by the added enjoyment delivered by the sound of your meal cooking, and the scrumptious aromas that fill the area around your table.